I initially intended to introduce HUExArts via a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, but during the process I decided to go the DIY route. I launched this website and decided to host the fundraising campaign here, but still offer the same rewards for your generous support! =)

Here are answers to questions you may have about the HUExArts Launch Party project and vision. Watch the video again and feel free to share this blog with others!
Why are the arts consistently being cut from education budgets? Why is there this all-too-real concept of the "starving artist" globally? And why do we accept it? 
All I know is I'm tired of accepting it and I know I'm not the only one. The arts have provided invaluable artifacts, soundtracks, wardrobes, culinary experiences, designs, and presentations to the masses throughout history.  I want to be part of a solution to better integrate viable opportunities through the arts.

So what's "HUExArts"?
HUExArts is you. It's me. It's US. Honoring Urban Expansion through the Arts... 

HUExArts is a collective of diverse, dynamic individuals invested in bringing forth the power of limitless creativity. The mission of HUExArts is to facilitate an effective partnership amongst art, education, and business sectors to engage youth, increase economic opportunities, and build sustainable communities globally. 

What's your vision for this project?
Our vision is to present a dynamic community event that launches the HUExArts movement. The format is a multi-genre, multi-generational art and music community event. There will be a stage for featured live acts, an outdoor gallery, food, photo booth, and activities for families.  We will be honoring and furthering urban expansion by bringing the community together through art. We see this as an opportunity to spark imagination, share resources, expand knowledge, and ignite ideas for leading us all toward a better future.

Event Features: 
  • Live music - An eclectic mix of hip hop, soul, reggae, R&B, jazz, and indie sounds
  • Outdoor art gallery - Original artwork for sale by some of the Bay's most talented visual artists
  • Activities - Face painting, trivia, sports, games, prizes, and more!
  • Food - Delicous items for sale by the Bay's most craved gourmet food trucks
  • Great People - Active hosts & the opportunity to meet cool people from all backgrounds & industries
  • Photo booth - Take pictures with your family & friends and receive free prints! 
  • Social Aim - Be a part of the creative movement to expand opportunities for all community members
For more information on the event, see the Events page.

Where are you now in the project?
Things are moving smoothly with the planning process. I have communicated with the City of Emeryville  and and other entities involved to "dot my I's and cross my T's" for this production & truly be able to build a solid platform for our community. I am the person leading these efforts (nostalgic of my years producing events as Marketing Director for UCLA's JazzReggae Fest and Hip Hop Congress Director). I'm very open to collaboration and have built a structure to make that relatively easy. This is about US, not me! =)

& What about the money? Will it be too late?
Money will go towards the Site/Facilities (city permits, stage set up, power generator, equipment, booths, tables, chairs, etc.), Insurance,  Security (can never be too safe!),  Supplies for activities, Outdoor art display materials, Decorations, Photo booth, Food & gifts for staff & performers, Printing, Prizes, etc. 

Any money in excess of my goal will help provide a better experience for attendees at this event, pay featured performers, create a promotional video, and set up a comprehensive website for the HUExArts movement. 

While some items have already been paid for to get the process rolling, I could really use your help to make sure we can afford to make this happen in alignment with the vision. I've been diligent with negotiating prices for various aspects of event so money will all be used effectively, giving everyone a part of the HUExArts movement to own and share.  

So what now?
Pledge your support in any amount you can and tell a friend to tell a friend! Or hey, tell a stranger! All support is appreciated! 

Have some ideas or want to get involved? -- Contact me here or Twitter @diaris. I'd love to hear from you and engage you to make this a great launch party, and the start of something even greater.

Thank you for coming by the HUExArts website. I hope you enjoy your stay. There will be more coming soon! Please feel free to send any comments you have my way!



    Diaris Alexander is an emerging social entrepreneur and philanthropist from Oakland, CA. The Gates Millennium and Jackie Robinson Foundation scholar earned her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Theater from UCLA in 2009 and will be awarded her M.A. in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco this May. She currently serves as the Operations Manager for the local non-profit, the Tutorpedia Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter @diaris. 


    April 2012